Wannabe is 20! We know, right!

Wannabe is 20! We know, right!

8th July 2016

Spice up your life (and your home) with our fab, fun tribute to the most iconic girl group ever! #girlpower


Twenty years ago, when we said posh we meant plummy, sporty was reserved for athletes, calling someone a baby was an insult, and as for scary and ginger, well, go figure…! But that changed overnight when the Spice Girls burst on to our Walkmans (sorry kids, iPods are still a way off)… five cool-as girls with a penchant for pop and an attitude to match the lyrics of their hits.

Love them or hate them (come on, no one can really hate the Spice Girls!), you can’t deny their girl power. Their debut single – Wannabe – rocketed to the top of the UK charts, staying there for seven weeks, and was pick of the pops in another 30+ countries as well. Spice, the album, went on to sell over 28 million copies, and without doubt, they are the best-selling girl band of all time, and the most successful British band since, wait for it, The Beatles.

Since then, the famous five have gone their separate ways... for now! Excitingly 3 members earlier this week hinted at a reunion to thank their fans and celebrate 2 decades of 'spice'. Head over to this article on the Daily Mail to watch the announcement and discover the latest spice news! But whether it’s for marrying footballers, launching fashion lines, hosting radio shows, fronting TV programmes, dancing with the stars, judging talent shows churning out hit singles either solo or with rock grandees like Bryan Adams, or arriving at the London 2012 Olympics on top of black cabs, Mel, Mel, Victoria, Emma and Geri still know how to make headlines… to which we say, Viva Forever, and don’t, whatever you do, Stop!

Here’s a little reminder of how five brilliant Brits added their own dash of spice to pop…

Who do you think you are… sofa style

Everyone has their favourite Spice Girl… and here at DFS we have our favourites sofas, so in the words of the group, here’s how 2 become 1!

Baby love

If Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, is the gal you most admire, you’re probably a lover of the prettier, cuter things in life, with pastels and pinks figuring high on your style spectrum. Well, you’re in luck then, because sofas don’t come prettier or pinker than our Betsy 3 seater. There’s even a cute heart-shaped footstool, perfectly for resting your platform-trainer-clad feet on!

The Betsy 3-seater sofa and footstool from DFS


Scary stuff

Mel Brown/Mel B/Scary Spice is known for living her life #nofilters, for being the life and soul of the party and for her love of vibrant animal prints. If you’re after a little animal magic in your living room, you can’t go far wrong with the Madagascar Tiger Pattern 4 seater sofa – sleek styling meets retro design for a real walk on the wild side.


Madagascar – all tiger, no penguins!

Posh or what?

Victoria Beckham. What can you say about the woman who literally has it all… famous hubby, four gorgeous kids and her own fashion label to boot. If Posh Spice is your icon, then you’ll be fond of the finer things in life, and that goes for designer sofas too. We think you and the French Connection Zinc 3-seater, with its button back and stylish lines, are a match made in sofa heaven.


Classy, sleek and stylish, just like Posh!

Sporty but nice

If Sporty Spice, otherwise known as Mel C, was your go-to girl back in the bands’ heyday, then you’re likely to be a fun, playful person who values quality (she did have the best vocals, after all!) and practicality above everything else. That’s why we know you’ll love the Flip 2-seater sofa bed as it’s definitely the best of both worlds – stylish by day and then, with a move that Sporty herself would have been proud of, it quickly converts to a comfy sofa bed for your fans, sorry guests, to crash on.



Ginger hail

Ah, Ginger Spice… famous for that spangly Union Jack dress, outrageous platforms and unforgettable hair. If Geri Halliwell (we know, she’s Geri Horner now but we’re being nostalgic) was your spice of life, then it’s likely you’re a born leader, full of enthusiasm and British to the core. Just like our iconic sofa, the Britannia, which is so British it’s even going to the Rio Olympics along with Team GB!

The Britannia 4-seater sofa from DFS

The new icon on the block – the Britannnia

To find out more about DFS and Team GB in the run-up to Rio, see our special online TeamGB section at dfs.co.uk or check out #GreatBrits

'You've stood by us for 20 years, and we wanna say a big thank you,' - Geri Daily Mail

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