Room Recipe: The Modern Scandi

Room Recipe: The Modern Scandi

19th January 2017

Scandi-style has had a reboot for 2017 – enter soft pastel walls and richly coloured sofas for a totally modern take on a classic.

Modern Scandi style is softer and a touch warmer than previous Nordic incarnations, swapping neutral sofas for statement pieces in 2017’s cool colours of blue and grey. The clean lines and geometric shapes that make this scheme so on trend are retained, but accentuated with pastel pink walls, woods and monochrome accessories in grey, white and black for a pared-back living space that’s all about calm relaxation.


For this look, pick a sofa with modern, clean lines… in the shade set to dominate interiors’ trends for 2017 - blue! This Emote sofa is curvy and contemporary in equal measure, and its vibrant shade contrasts beautifully with the cooler tones of the room around it. The key to a scandi-style statement sofa is clean lines and rounded edges.

*Scandi-tip - slightly tapered wooden legs are the perfect finish.

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2016’s love of the pastel shows no signs of abating through 2017, so rock this trend in your living space with a pale pink feature wall. Keep the other walls nicely neutral in natural shades of taupe, off-white and cream for the calming scandi effect. Not tickled pink? Add a pastel shade of your choice to complement your accessories.

*Scandi-tip - make your pastels pop and your furniture do the talking with pure white walls.

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Wooden floors are the natural fit for the Modern Scandi style. Keep to the paler end of the spectrum such as ash, oak or even lime-washed boards and top with a classic wool rug in whatever shade of grey takes your fancy. Light floors contribute to expanding the space and inviting in more light. If you can't resist the feel of carpet under foot stick to paler shades of cream and grey.

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Wooden furniture

Scandi style takes its cues from nature so stay natural when it comes to your other furniture. Coffee tables, side tables, even a work desk in wood will add to the look – but keep the lines clean and simple to allow your sofa to shine. Embrace the mid century modern tendencies with smooth rounded edges and natural hues. Scandinavian design prides itself on being functional and innovative when it comes to decorating and storage solutions.

*Scandi-tip - Avoid cluttering! Be space savvy with multi-leveled hanging shelves or a ladder style shelving unit. Practical and easy on the eye! 

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Mix and match scandi palettes of grey and accentuate the monochrome style with wall art. We don't have the Scandinavian darkness through the winter but keep your space light and airy with floor lamps in metals or wood. Add elegant ceramic vases and bowls or add a touch of colour with succulents and tulips!

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Warm up and down through the seasons by layering cushions and throws. Adding different textures will provide a lovely cosiness to the room.

*Scandi-tip - Bring in the pink detail from your feature wall for throws and pictures to tie the whole look together.

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Luxe up the look

For a more dramatic, ‘Nordic Noir’ take on this look, swap out the blue sofa for a 'cooler' statement in grey. The Zinc, from our exclusive French Connection range is the perfect addition with its smooth angled arms, rounded seats and button-back cushions. The ideal sidekick accompaniment for the Zinc is the Mica, a beautiful reclaimed oak table that oozes sophistication.

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Still not decided if this is the look for you? Why not check out two of our other favourite trends for 2017.... Go Botanicals and embrace the beauty of green. Or warm up with the rich tones of Terracotta



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