Spice it up with carnival-inspired brights

Spice it up with carnival-inspired brights

9th June 2016

It’s Olympic year and we’re all feeling a touch of Rio fever here at DFS towers, so we thought we’d kick it up, samba-style, with some tips on how to make the carnival colours that the city is so famous for work in your home.

Ok, so the Olympics don’t kick off until for another two months, but we’re already feeling the ripples of excitement surrounding the world’s biggest sporting event, especially as we’re the proud partners of Team GB!

Think Olympics, think Rio (well, for 2016 anyway; we’ll be Tokyo-bound in 2020)… and think Rio, and you can’t help but think of street carnivals, samba dancers festooned in feathers, and ‘scorchio’ colours bursting out all over the shop. Pair this with the fact that, when it comes to home decorating, exotic Brazilian themes, full of bright, vibrant shades, are bang on trend this year, and it’s a match made in heaven. All you have to do is choose which rainbow shade is right for your home…

Tickled pink

It was fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli (Coco Chanel’s great rival) who introduced us to ‘shocking pink’ back in 1947, and its bold, intense shade still turns heads today. A hot pink statement sofa in an otherwise neutral living space looks stunning… accessorise with boldly patterned cushions in contrasting shades as anything more subtle will get overpowered.

We love

Quartz Chaise Sofa in Pink – a modern classic with deep seats and dark-wood legs.

Quartz Pink Corner Sofa

Perfect with

Cecile Scatter Cushion – with its Impressionist-style landscape design.

Cecile Cushion

Hello yellow

Psychologically speaking, yellow is the happiest colour in the spectrum, bringing to mind sunshine, optimism and creativity, so a yellow sofa could be the ideal way to brighten up both your living room and your mood. Play up the ‘wow’ factor by accessorizing with gold-toned cushions and brass or copper lighting, or really go for broke and stack it with throws and cushions in other neon-brights, such as hot pink or turquoise.

We love

Fling Sofa Bed in Citrus – a comfy 3-seater sofa bed that zing with style.

Tiana Citrus Sofa

Perfect with

Brass and Concrete Table Lamp from Dwell – the industrial look and copper tones will suit any modern space.

brass and concrete table lamp

Tangerine dreams

Orange is the Marmite of the colour wheel – it’s certainly not a ‘take it or leave it’ shade, but if it floats your boat then it can look marvelous in both classic and contemporary rooms. It evokes similar feelings to that of its close cousin red – warmth, energy and passion – and a striking orange sofa makes a perfect focal point. Dress it up with accessories in tonal shades of browns, russets and wood.

We love

Zapp sofa in Orange – elegant simplicity in an eye-catching colour.

orange zapp sofa

Perfect with

Doodle Rug in Orange from Dwell – the perfect retro-inspired rug.

dwell rug

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out our newest Style Sourcebook online now, full of style advice, latest looks and decorating inspiration, including loads more sofas in hot shades, perfect for the Rio Fever look!

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