DFS Dens

DFS Dens

20th May 2016

During the last bank holiday, we asked you to vote and tell us which of our 'hack' ideas you'd like us to bring to life. 

You chose: *drum roll please* ..... DFS Dens

You chose wisely, in our opinion :) 

We've spent the last couple of weeks having THE BEST TIME EVER designing the best. sofa. den. ever, and now we're super excited about sharing our magic formula with you. 

Before we get started, here's the ingredients you'll need: 

  1. One sofa (ideally a DFS sofa of course!) 

  2. 4 sofa cushions (this is the ideal number, but if you've only got three that will also do) 
  3. 1 light blanket or sheet 
  4. Snacks and supplies to keep you comfortable 

Optional extras: 

  • A view of the TV 

  • A pet to keep you company 
  • A sign to give your den a name 



1. Clear a space for you to work in and move any fragile objects out of harm's way 

SOFA FORT INFOGRAPHIC2. Start with your walls - we used 4 cushions for ours to get plenty of space, but the main thing is to have at least three cushions connected 


3. Don't forget to leave space for an entrance for allowed visitors


4. Drape your blanket over the top of the den to create a nice roof. You may want to fold your blanket if it is larger than your den 


5. Get in and try it out!

6. Adjust the layout as necessary

7. Enjoy your den! 

child_in_den copy

Additional tips you might want to try: 

  • To add extra height to your den (making it more adult friendly), build around some other furniture

  • Take a smaller cushion or pillow into your den to sit on 
  • If the weather’s nice open the windows or even take your den into the garden


That's it: our simple guide to help you make the best sofa den ever this bank holiday weekend. 

Don't forget to share your pics of your completed dens with us on #DFSdens. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram for the latest #DFSdens. 

Have fun! 

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