Decorating with jewel tones

Decorating with jewel tones

8th May 2017

Join the rich list with home décor straight out of the jewellery box.

Pastels and neutrals will always occupy a space in our decorating hearts – who doesn’t love that pared-back, clean, classic look – but sometimes we just want more. More colour, more vibrancy, more pop! Well, luckily for those of us with colour cravings, one of 2017’s key décor trends is jewel tones. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and amethysts have vacated the jewellery box and taken up residence in our homes… and we love it! Here’s how to make these rich shades work for you.

Emerald green

Green is MASSIVE in 2017, especially since Pantone declared Greenery their colour of the year (for this and more hot colour trends, check out our recent blog). But for those in the know (which includes you now!) the only shade of green in which to be seen this summer is emerald. Décor aficionados Apartment Therapy call it the ‘new navy’ because, like its dark blue counterpart, it’s a versatile shade, pairing wonderfully with neutrals such as black or white while being strong enough to stand up to other vibrant shades such as yellow and pink.

Top tip Keep the green theme going in your room by piling on the plants – both real and on wallpaper or artworks – botanicals are big news right now, so the more the merrier.

Green with envy

Zinc Velvet in Forest Green from our French Connection collection brings a touch of luxury to your scheme. Wonderfully tactile, with button-back detail and modern, angled arms, this is sophistication-meets-cool in one gorgeous package.


Ruby red

If you’re looking to add some drama to your room, you can’t go wrong with ruby red. The colour of passion – and best used sparingly – this attention-grabbing jewel shade is perfect for an accent chair or statement sofa. Bold and traditional in equal measure, ruby red works best against a neutral backdrop of pale walls and dark wooden floors and furniture, and is a sure-fire way to transform a room from so-so to stunning.

Top tip Group jewel-coloured glassware – everything from bottle green and topaz yellow to bright pink – then sit back (in your red chair) and watch the light dance around your room as the sun strikes the glass.

Red-dy to play

With such an iconic jewel tone, you need an iconic shape to complement it, and we think the Louvre accent chair in Red Combination is just the ticket. Arty and chic, as its name implies, this ruby-red beauty will take centre stage in both a classic and a contemporary room.


Sapphire blue

Always a popular colour for home décor, blue in all shades is rich and subtly soothing, but when you zing it up to sapphire level, it’s stellar, adding a luxe vibe to every scheme. For a new take on nautical, pair a stunning sapphire blue jewel-toned sofa with crisp whites and decadent golds, or for a more beachy vibe, match it with pale woods and neutral, tactile rugs for a blissed-out living space with added wow.

Top tip Strong jewel tones such as sapphire love patterns so add in some geometric prints on a feature wall or throw down a stylish checkerboard rug, such as the Pixel from Dwell.


Singing the blues

A recent addition to our Capsule Collection, which is specifically styled for smaller spaces, the Lull large sofa in Blue tops the sapphire stakes with its mix of retro and modern.


Amethyst purple

Long associated with royalty, purple reigns (see what we did there!) when it comes to striking home decorating schemes. Rich amethyst tones paired with luxurious creams and classic dark-wood furniture work together to create an air of opulence without tipping over into bling. Luxe the look up to the max with regal accents of silver and pewter via mirrors or statement vases.


Top tip For a touch of the playful with a Moroccan-ny vibe, pair amethyst with another jewel tone, turquoise. It’s eclectic, but it works.

The royal treatment

Made for relaxation, the sumptuous Gloss lounger sofa in Purple Combination is comfort personified with its chaise end and cosy pillow cushions. The contemporary design and elegant curves give it standout appeal that will look stunning in both a traditional or more modern setting.



Room Recipe: Botanical

Room Recipe: Botanicals

19th January 2017

We’re going to be seeing a lot of #greenery this year, so jump on this nature-inspired trend now for an early spring fling.

Green is definitely a go for 2017! Break away from synthetic and embrace the beauty of green. Green has a calming and relaxing effect on an environment and is at the heart of this trend. Plants are layered and paired with woven textures and natural materials creating an oasis of tranquility to escape to.


Offset the verdant backdrop with a plain-coloured sofa in a neutral colour, such as the Slouch sofa in silver. This brilliant piece from our Capsule Collection is the perfect place to sit back and reflect. The sofa can be the focal point of a living room and choosing a neutral shade allows you to build up your botanical trend around the sofa.

*Botanical-tip - Feeling totally tropical? Flip the trend inside out by choosing a statement sofa in a floral fabric and keep your accessories simple. If you have a love for colour, choose a rich tone fabric sofa perfect to layer printed cushions on.

DFS social_Botanicals_Save_main_RT resize

Shop the image HERE


Keep to the cooler shades of bluer greens such as mint, aqua or pale teal for your painted feature wall. The natural element of this trend can be brought to life with exposed brick painted white to match the rest of the room.

*Botanical-tip - Make a real statement with a botanical print statement wall.

The way you display your botanical inspired art can be just as beautiful as the art itself. We love hanging frames to make a statement wall with a twist.

DFS social_botanicals_accessories_shot3_v1_RT_layered_0004_RT V4 resize

DFS social_botanicals_accessories_shot3_v1_RT_layered_0007_RT V7 resize


Plank flooring in a bleached or lime-washed finish brings the outdoors in. Keep the flooring light to create an airy feel and add matting or woven rugs in sea grass or coir to keep the natural vibe going. Tap in to the trend using large floor plants to bring a hothouse feel to the room. Large pots or vases can make a real statement, or if you like the rustic look why not add recycled crates filled with your favourite greens.

DFS social_botanicals_accessories_shot1_v7_layered_0009_RT V9 resize


White coffee tables, sideboards and occasional tables bring a lightness to the scheme, perfectly offsetting the rich greens that abound. Light woods work well with this trend adding to your natural element. We are loving this seasons hot item - the terrarium! Add miniature greens to create a tiny indoor garden for your table. Editor's tip - make use of any old jars or glassware and create a diy terrarium.

*Botanical-tip - add marble pots filled with miniature succulent plants such as cacti for an easy to maintain green finish.

DFS social_botanicals_accessories_shot1_v1_0006_RT V1 resize

A striking accent chair in a contrasting colour is a great addition – but stick to the garden theme and choose one in a tropical, vibrant shade of orange, red or yellow. We love the Calm wing chair in mustard velvet to add texture and warmth to the room! 

DFS social_Botanicals_splurge_main_RT crop

Plant life

Unleash your inner gardener and tie the whole look together with living plants as feature pieces in their own right. Plants are an easy way to turn a simple room into a botanical haven. Don't be afraid to mix up your plants. Choose ones with interesting leaves, the bigger, the better or if less is more for you try using single stem greens at different heights to create a botanical backdrop.

Green on Green

Keep the greenhouse look going with coloured glass – bottle green is another key colour for this year. Introduce warmer shades of moss, sage or emerald via accessories. Green on green is a great look for this year, so mix and match to your heart’s content.

DFS social_botanicals_accessories_shot2_v1_LAYERED_0016_RT V2 resize


  • Layer cushions in nature-inspired colours – think olives and khaki greens, brown tones, dark blues and citrus hues.
  • Prints work well with this trend. Don't be afraid to mix botanical designs with geometric designs to add texture to the room.
  • Woven baskets are perfect for storage solutions in this trend.
  • Large rattan effect lighting creates warm ambiance in a natural way. 
  • Add lightweight natural textured curtains to your windows.

DFS social_botanicals_accessories_shot5_v1_RT_layered_0005_RT V5 resize

Luxe up the look

If space allows, bring in a larger sofa in soothing neutral shades, such as the relaxing Chalk from our French Connection range. The soft textures and generously indulgent proportions of this sofa make it the perfect place to retreat and the wooden Opus table adds a luxurious edge to the trend.

DFS social_Botanicals_splurge_main_NoChair_RT resize

Shop our luxe botanical look here

Not crazy for botanicals? Why not dive in and discover our other two favourite trends for 2017 – warm up with Terracotta or take a peek into the Modern Scandi, a twist on the traditional look.



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Room Recipe: Terracotta

Room Recipe: Terracotta

19th January 2017

The spice is right this year – time to add warmth to your scheme with rich shades of 2017’s hottest colour, Terracotta!

When it comes to colour schemes that just work, they don’t come much more livable than the current hot trend for all things Terracotta. Instantly warming, it’s a look that will take your home through every season.

If you’re worried that bringing in such a definite colour will make your lounge look boringly brown, don’t be. The ‘Modern’ Terracotta is light and bright, with touches of spice shades; saffron, nutmeg and paprika. Matched with natural woods, metals and textiles inspired by dramatic landscapes. 


As the focal point of your living room, the sofa is key to this look so go bold.  The Laze sofa from our Capsule Collection in striking deep rust-orange will bring your room to life. The spicy tones of the beautiful Laze kick off the palette in this modern living room. 

*Terracotta-tip - Too much spice? Muted browns and tans introduces a sense of calm to the trend. Take a browse through our fabric sofas.

DFS social_Terracotta_Save_main_RT resize

Shop the terracotta look HERE


Two-tone walls are a must do for 2017. Choose tonal shades to complement the spiciness of the trend – mink for the baseline and a softer shade verging on peach for the upper wall. Placing the lighter shade on top makes the room look bigger, adding a feeling of space and height, especially if you continue this shade across the ceiling.

*Terracotta-tip - Half and half feature walls are an easy way to add as little or as much colour to your room as desired. Don't worry about finding the mathematical centre of the wall - the beauty of this painting trick is that the dividing line can be placed anywhere on the wall, even vertically! 

To create yours you will need:

  • A spirit level to ensure your divide is a straight line
  • Painter's tape to separate out the section
  • Your 2 favourite paint shades. Editor's tip - paint the lighter base colour first to ensure a crisp clean line and leave enough drying time in-between taping and painting the darker shade.

DFS_TT_Terracotta_1_Paint_RT_layered copy_0010_RT V10 resize


Rustic terracotta tiles may be a step to far into this trend, we recommend keeping the warm tones going with mid-shade wooden floors, such as oak or aged pine. This creates a perfect natural base to the room. Stay on trend with a woven or chunky knit textured rug in a neutral shade.

DFS_TT_Terracotta_3_Rug_Table_Layered_RT_0010_RT V10 resiz


Footstool: add another layer with a statement footstool. This Play footstool is the perfect mutli-purpose piece that can double up as a side table or a comfy rest for your feet. We're in love with the copper legs!

DFS social_Terracotta_Splurge_RT crop

Cushions: follow the natural theme of the woven rug through to your soft furnishings with stacks of tactile cushions in the same neutral family to bring the whole look together. Mix and match plain and patterned (this look can take strong prints), in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Metallics: pile on the earthy metals, such as copper, pewter and bronze, to add a dash of sparkle and lift the look from rustic to glam. Think mirrors to open up the space, lamps to brighten up corners and even occasional tables that will glint and gleam wonderfully.

DFS_TT_Terracotta_6_Mirror_layered_0004_RT V4 resize

Finishing touches: Go back to basics with authentic terracotta vases and pots – gorgeous when filled with cacti for a hint of greenery to cut through the warmth. Swerve the florals and instead opt for structural arrangements of foliage, using elegant, sweeping twigs of pussy willow to add drama.

DFS_TT_Terracotta_4_Table_Props__0016_RT V16resize

Luxe up the look

Tan leather sofas are classic investment pieces… and the great news is that they are the perfect fit for this trend. We’re loving the Dynasty sofa with its contemporary angled arms and super-comfy seat cushions that will only get better with age.

DFS social_Terracotta_Splurge_NoFootstool_RT resizie

Shop the ultimate terracotta look HERE

If this hasn't warmed you up enough why not check out two of our other favourite trends for 2017.... Go Botanicals and embrace the beauty of green. Or take a twist on the Modern Scandi. 



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Room Recipes: Shopping List

Room Recipes: Shopping List

19th January 2017

Now you've discovered our Room Recipe trends and chosen the one for you! Shop the look from your chosen trend with our helpful shopping lists...

Room Recipe: Modern Scandi

scandi acc

Emote Sofa: DFS

Zinc Sofa: French Connection at DFS

Mica table: French Connection at DFS

Scandi table *similar: DFS

Cushions: DFS

Clock: Dwell

Vase: Dwell

Vase: Next

Cup : Habitat

Bowl: Habitat

Wall art: Habitat

Mr Fox Cushion: John Lewis

Throw: M&S

Curtains: Ikea

DFS social_Modern_scandi_Save_main_RT resize crop


Recipe: Terracotta

terr acc

Laze sofa: DFS

Dynasty sofa: DFS

Play footstool: DFS

Rug: Dwell 

Floor Lamp: Dwell

Mirror: Dwell

Cushions: DFS

Side tables: DFS

Coffee table: French Connection at DFS

Glass Vase: Dwell

Shelf: DFS

Curtains: H&M

Throw: H&M

Terracotta vase: Ikea Tableware

Terracotta pot: H&M

DFS social_Terracotta_Splurge_RT crop


Room Recipe: Botanicals

bot acc

Slouch sofa: DFS

Chalk sofa: French Connection at DFS

Calm wing chair: DFS

Opus table: French Connection at DFS

White table: Dwell

Cushions: DFS

Cushions: Dwell

Throw: Ikea

Patterned cushion: H&M

Terrarium: M&S

Curtains: Ikea

Woven basket: Zara

DFS social_Botanicals_splurge_main_RT crop


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28th December 2016

Has all the fun (and excess!) of Christmas left you feeling blue?

Don't worry we have the perfect idea to help you through your January blues.......

As Christmas joys become another memory for 2016, we remember that it isn't all about the presents under the tree and that it's the little things that really matter! Why don't you take some time out and spend it doing the small things in life that mean the most to you? We call these places our 'Happy Places'!

mhp 1

What is your 'happy place'? Is it....

  • Sofa snuggles with the family
  • Getting cosy after winter walks
  • Sitting down with a cup of tea ☕
  • Hiding under the duvet (away from any jobs that need doing)

It doesn't matter where your #MyHappyPlace may be, we want to see it! We will be sharing some of our favourite #MyHappyPlace ideas over the next couple of week to help you to think about the moments that make you the happiest!

Why not be part of the conversation and enter our competition! Share yours on #MyHappyPlace on Twitter or Instagram for your chance to win a fantastic £500 to spend at dfs and Sky Q with Sky Cinema for a year. This could be the set up to your new happy place - it sounds perfect to us! Full T&Cs can be found HERE.


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8 ways to cosy up your home for winter

8 ways to cosy up your home for winter

19th October 2016

Pretty and practical tips to make your home a winter haven

With wintry weather on its way, now’s the perfect time to think about turning your home in to a warm, snuggly haven of comfort and joy.

We bet you’ve already bought your winter coat, gloves and boots to cope with whatever Mother Nature throws at you this winter… but what about getting your home ready to face the colder, darker days ahead? Here are 8 seasonal style tips that will add the snug to your cosy winter home.  

1 Rug up

The fashionistas’ winter watchword is ‘layering’ and this goes for your home too. Stone or wood floors that looked (and felt) über cool in summer will benefit from a soft rug or two being thrown over them in winter. Try a sheepskin rug by your bed, a dhurrie-style rug over wooden boards, or spice up your lounge with a large, fluffy number like the Spirit rug from Dwell in a gorgeous jewel-tone.

Rugs add instant cosy winter home style

Rugs add instant cosy winter home style

2 Bump up the cushions

For max snuggle, you need lots of cushions in a variety of tones, textures and sizes. Go for a combo of velvet, faux fur and chunky knits – gorgeous, tactile fabrics that really come in to their own in winter.

You can never have too many cushions

You can never have too many cushions

3 Throw on a throw

Throws are the winter homemaker’s BFF. They’re warm, cosy and, from a style perspective, a speedy way to transform a room when draped over sofas, chairs and beds. The colour? Whites and greys keep it Scandi-stylish, while earth tones of olive green and rich terracotta (like the Turin throw) are bang on trend for this season. We ❤ the warmth and texture of fur throws!



4 Add some winter fragrance

Wood fires evoke an instant sense of winter, but if you don’t have a fireplace, there are lots of smoky scented candles that work their aroma-therapy (we love Diptyque’s Feu de Bois). Other classic winter-scented candles include pine, sandalwood and clove. This Moroccan-inspired Circles candle holder from Dwell casts beautiful shadows, enhancing the feelings of winter cosy.

Candles are a quick way to add the cosy to your winter home style

Candles are a quick way to add the cosy to your winter home style

5 Rearrange the furniture

Up the cosy factor in your living room by having a seasonal switch-around and rearranging the furniture. Move sofas and chairs away from the walls – try grouping them around a central rug, maybe, or turn them to face the fireplace (if you have one). Immediately the room will feel snugger, warmer and more nest-like. The Country Living Gower is the perfect seat for snuggling on this season!

Group furniture around the fireplace for instant cosy

Group furniture around the fireplace for instant cosy

6 Come dine with me

Even dining rooms can do with a bit of a winter home style makeover. Pop coloured slipcovers over dining chairs for added wow and warmth. Slip a textured rug under the dining table for guests’ feet to sink into (as we’ve done with the Canova extending dining table), and swap electric lights for flickering candles – a feast for your eyes indeed.

Create a modern dining space with high gloss

Create a modern dining space with high gloss

7 lighting

When it’s dark outside, getting the interior lighting is mega important. Ditch the central ceiling fixture (too harsh) and plump for pools of warmer light instead – uplighters in dim corners, floor lamps placed behind sofas and chairs to cast an ambient glow (we love this Peso light, from Dwell), table lamps strategically situated for reading or working, and bundles of fairy lights in unused fireplaces or in vases to add twinkle where it’s needed – will all make your rooms feel cosy and comforting.

Peso lamp ÔÇô-áDwell

8 Mirror image

Make the most of what natural light there is in winter by reflecting it around the room with a large mirror. It’ll brighten up any space and make the room look bigger too.

Dwell mirror

For more autumn/winter style inspiration, including more on fireside living and getting cosy for winter, check out our new Style Sourcebook, online now

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Luxe: a brief history of velvet

Luxe: a brief history of velvet

7th October 2016

Favoured by the rich, renowned and, of course, royal, velvet has the luxe factor we’re all looking for this winter. Here’s a quick romp through the heritage of this most luxurious fabric

We’ve said it before – and we’ll no doubt say it again – if you want to keep ahead of the Joneses in the home style stakes, look no further than what’s trending on the catwalks of the major fashion shows. This year’s ‘it’ fabric – as showcased by Prada, Christopher Kane and Giorgio Armani among many (many!) others – is soft, tactile, luscious and luxe velvet. But what is velvet and why is it so darn gorgeous and covetable?

From left: Prada, Christopher Kane and Giorgio Armani for autumn-winter 2016

From left: Prada, Christopher Kane and Giorgio Armani for autumn-winter 2016

Velvet 101

A few fast facts about this fab fabric…

1 You might be surprised to learn that velvet isn’t actually a material, it’s a weaving technique creating a soft, dense pile that covers the base cloth, forming the sumptuous plush surface we all know and love.

2 Velvet can be made from any type of material – traditionally, silk was used but with pure silk velvet costing hundreds of pounds a metre, it’s more usual nowadays to find it woven from silk blend, cotton, linen, wool, mohair or synthetic fibres such as viscose.

3 There are many types of velvet, including:

  • Crushed – produced by twisting the fabric while it’s wet so the nap is pressed in different directions
  • Pile-on-pile – ultra-luxe version of velvet, where piles of differing lengths are used to create pattern
  • Nacre – a pearlescent, shimmery velvet
  • Devoré aka burnout velvet, where areas of the pile are dissolved to leave a raised pattern

Divine devoré

Divine devoré

4 Many people think velvet and velour are the same thing… but they’d be wrong! Velvet is woven (see fact 1, above!) while velour is knitted.

The royal treatment

Velvet has been a favourite of the rich and famous since it first burst upon the clothing scene. Because of its high price point, it was an easy way to display wealth and power to the common people. The fabric quickly gained the royal seal of approval and was the material of choice for robes of state – Good Queen Bess was particularly fond of the fabric (especially when embellished with lots and lots of gold!).

Elizabeth I as portrayed by Nicholas Hilliard in 1585

Elizabeth I as portrayed by Nicholas Hilliard in 1585

A fabric as old as time

Examples of velvet have been found dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, with Cairo being a production hotspot around 2000BCE. The technique then travelled along the Silk Road (appropriate as silk was the core material for velvet back then) to Europe from the 12th to the 18th centuries – it was around this time that velvet started being used for upholstery, curtains and wallpaper in addition to clothing. Once the Industrial Revolution dawned, the fabric became much cheaper to produce and more widely available. The link to wealth and status continued, though, with velvet being the go-to material for glamorous garments (just ask the Dowager Countess of Grantham!).

Dame Maggie Smith rocking the velvet look, Downton Abbey,

Dame Maggie Smith rocking the velvet look, Downton Abbey,

Bring a touch of velvet to your home

If you fancy jumping on the velvet underground, then a statement sofa in this luxury finish certainly ticks all the style boxes. Here are just three of our DFS faves…

Catherine the great

Feminine and elegant, the Catherine sofa has classic lines and comes in five perfectly pretty colours


Make mine a Bailey

With its beautiful button back, the Bailey sofa will make its presence felt in any room


Shine like the star you are

Plush, squishy and velvet soft, the Shine sofa definitely has the wow factor


For more autumn/winter style inspiration, including more on sensuous velvet, check out our new Style Sourcebook, online now.

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Tartan? Check!

Tartan? Check!

22nd September 2016

Trend alert! This season’s love affair with tartan and plaid checks every home stylist’s box.

Tartan, plaid, checks… call it what you will, this instantly recognisable fabric is set to be taking centre stage in our homes this autumn and winter. As with many interiors trends, it began on the catwalks of the autumn/winter 2016/17 fashion shows, with designers such as Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria Beckham and the British grande dame of tartan Vivienne Westwood sending their models on their plaid-clad way in super-stylish belted coats, sharply tailored dresses and vibrant trouser suits.

fashion show

Why go mad for plaid?

If you fancy a home-style highland fling with this on-trend fabric, now’s the perfect time to get started. Whether you’re after a heritage-led look or something more contemporary, tartan ticks all the boxes.

Firstly, there’s a vast range of colours and patterns to choose from, ranging from the more traditional blue, green and red weaves (try our Clan Quiz, below, to see how many classic patterns you can recognise) right through to modern interpretations of the design in subtle pastels and dynamic brights.

And secondly, plaid taps in to our enduring love affair with all things artisan and handcrafted. With a history dating back hundreds of years (the oldest recorded tartan – the Falkirk – is third century), tartan is a wonderfully tactile fabric, ideal for autumn and winter homes style, as it’s comforting and nostalgic in equal measures.

5 ways to get checks appeal

From carpets to wallpaper, sofas to ceilings, here are five stylish ways to tart-an up your home.

1 Scene-stealing ceilings

A tartan-wallpapered ceiling certainly makes a statement, You probably won’t want to go as far (or as blue) as this checktastic room we found on interior designer Scot Meacham Wood’s Tartan Scot blog, but you can’t deny it’s perfect for this Scottish Lodge look.

Tartan ceiling 1

2 Fab floors

A plaid carpet adds instant warmth and colour to a room, while tartan on the stairs creates a real wow hall – we love the autumnal berry tones in this image from If you don’t want to go full-on flooring, then a checked rug over a plain carpet will work wonders.

Tartan stairs 2

3 Wow walls

Tartan wallpaper is ideal for a feature wall in an otherwise pared-back setting, or for max impact, try decorating a smaller room in your home (the hallway, a downstairs loo, or a box room) in floor-to-ceiling checks in rich tones, such as this bathroom beauty we found at


4 Super seating

Tartan furnishings used to conjure up images of stuffy hotels or old-fashioned gentlemen’s clubs… but not any more. Pick your palette well and a plaid sofa or statement chair can instantly catapult a room from frumpy to fab. Just remember to pair busy fabrics with calmer backdrops – neutrals work wonderfully – or pick a rich, deep shade, such as blue or green, for delicious contrast. Choose sofas and chairs in tactile wool or tweed fabrics to really up the luxe stakes. Here are three of our autumn faves…


A comfy statement the Gower Plaid large sofa lochleven_wc_gowerplaid_grey_view1

A statement chair Loch Leven wing chair 


The cuddler Moray check sofa 

5 Add some accessories

You don’t have to stick to just one check so feel free to mix plaids with herringbones, houndstooths and other tartan-inclined fabrics (just keep with similar tones and shades). Add interest to your sofa with woodland-themed cushions and cosy woollen throws, and don’t forget the footstool – essential for those winter nights in front of the fire while you’re sipping a wee dram!

acc tart

Do you know your tartan?

Tartan has a long and ‘checkered’ history, so why not take our fun quiz to see how many of these plaid patterns you can recognise? We’ve given you a little clue to help with each…  the answers are at the end of the quiz, so no peeking or we’ll send Braveheart to take your freedom!

1 Brand of soup made famous by Andy Warhol


2 He was old… and he had a farm


3 His brother Patrick was on the Starship Enterprise


4 Did awfully well in the tennis at Wimbledon this year


5 Braveheart’s real name… no, not Mel Gibson!



1 Campbell 2 Macdonald 3 Stewart 4 Murray 5 Wallace

For more autumn/winter style inspiration, including lots more on how to get cosy with tartan, check out our new Style Sourcebook, online now

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Wannabe is 20! We know, right!

Wannabe is 20! We know, right!

8th July 2016

Spice up your life (and your home) with our fab, fun tribute to the most iconic girl group ever! #girlpower


Twenty years ago, when we said posh we meant plummy, sporty was reserved for athletes, calling someone a baby was an insult, and as for scary and ginger, well, go figure…! But that changed overnight when the Spice Girls burst on to our Walkmans (sorry kids, iPods are still a way off)… five cool-as girls with a penchant for pop and an attitude to match the lyrics of their hits.

Love them or hate them (come on, no one can really hate the Spice Girls!), you can’t deny their girl power. Their debut single – Wannabe – rocketed to the top of the UK charts, staying there for seven weeks, and was pick of the pops in another 30+ countries as well. Spice, the album, went on to sell over 28 million copies, and without doubt, they are the best-selling girl band of all time, and the most successful British band since, wait for it, The Beatles.

Since then, the famous five have gone their separate ways... for now! Excitingly 3 members earlier this week hinted at a reunion to thank their fans and celebrate 2 decades of 'spice'. Head over to this article on the Daily Mail to watch the announcement and discover the latest spice news! But whether it’s for marrying footballers, launching fashion lines, hosting radio shows, fronting TV programmes, dancing with the stars, judging talent shows churning out hit singles either solo or with rock grandees like Bryan Adams, or arriving at the London 2012 Olympics on top of black cabs, Mel, Mel, Victoria, Emma and Geri still know how to make headlines… to which we say, Viva Forever, and don’t, whatever you do, Stop!

Here’s a little reminder of how five brilliant Brits added their own dash of spice to pop…

Who do you think you are… sofa style

Everyone has their favourite Spice Girl… and here at DFS we have our favourites sofas, so in the words of the group, here’s how 2 become 1!

Baby love

If Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, is the gal you most admire, you’re probably a lover of the prettier, cuter things in life, with pastels and pinks figuring high on your style spectrum. Well, you’re in luck then, because sofas don’t come prettier or pinker than our Betsy 3 seater. There’s even a cute heart-shaped footstool, perfectly for resting your platform-trainer-clad feet on!

The Betsy 3-seater sofa and footstool from DFS


Scary stuff

Mel Brown/Mel B/Scary Spice is known for living her life #nofilters, for being the life and soul of the party and for her love of vibrant animal prints. If you’re after a little animal magic in your living room, you can’t go far wrong with the Madagascar Tiger Pattern 4 seater sofa – sleek styling meets retro design for a real walk on the wild side.


Madagascar – all tiger, no penguins!

Posh or what?

Victoria Beckham. What can you say about the woman who literally has it all… famous hubby, four gorgeous kids and her own fashion label to boot. If Posh Spice is your icon, then you’ll be fond of the finer things in life, and that goes for designer sofas too. We think you and the French Connection Zinc 3-seater, with its button back and stylish lines, are a match made in sofa heaven.


Classy, sleek and stylish, just like Posh!

Sporty but nice

If Sporty Spice, otherwise known as Mel C, was your go-to girl back in the bands’ heyday, then you’re likely to be a fun, playful person who values quality (she did have the best vocals, after all!) and practicality above everything else. That’s why we know you’ll love the Flip 2-seater sofa bed as it’s definitely the best of both worlds – stylish by day and then, with a move that Sporty herself would have been proud of, it quickly converts to a comfy sofa bed for your fans, sorry guests, to crash on.



Ginger hail

Ah, Ginger Spice… famous for that spangly Union Jack dress, outrageous platforms and unforgettable hair. If Geri Halliwell (we know, she’s Geri Horner now but we’re being nostalgic) was your spice of life, then it’s likely you’re a born leader, full of enthusiasm and British to the core. Just like our iconic sofa, the Britannia, which is so British it’s even going to the Rio Olympics along with Team GB!

The Britannia 4-seater sofa from DFS

The new icon on the block – the Britannnia

To find out more about DFS and Team GB in the run-up to Rio, see our special online TeamGB section at or check out #GreatBrits

'You've stood by us for 20 years, and we wanna say a big thank you,' - Geri Daily Mail

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Pretty in pink: why we love strawberries and cream

Pretty in pink: why we love strawberries and cream

Pretty in pink: why we love strawberries and cream

15th June 2016

This summer, don’t keep strawberries and cream just for dessert… this quintessentially British combo also works well in your home. We asked stylist Charis White for her top tips on making your home pretty in pink.

Pick your perfect pink palette

This summer’s strawberries and cream dream is no ‘Barbie pink’. It’s an altogether softer hue ranging from subtle dusky pink through pale powder pink to vintage rose, and is über-hot right now, thanks in part to Pantone declaring Rose Quartz one of its colours of 2016.

Start to build your pink room décor scheme by painting one or more of your walls in your preferred pastel shade: we love the Little Greene Paint Company Milk Thistle 187 with its lush lilac tones, Farrow & Ball Nancy’s Blushes 278, which is the perfect match to an otherwise neutral room, and the sophisticated vintage rose shade of Dulux Blush Rambler 5.

dulex pink paint palette

And you don’t even have to paint the whole wall… check out the ‘picture rail’ effect created by the clever use of pink and cream in this beautiful room we found on homes blogsite

How to make pink work in your living room, from

Think pink: clever use of paint creates a faux picture rail effect

And don’t forget to look up! Ceilings have long been the Cinderella of decorating, but no longer. Think about your ceiling in the same way you would a feature wall, or like in real tennis where every area of the court is used (well, it’s Wimbledon soon and we are talking strawberries and cream here!).

Be daring and paper your ceiling with a pretty pink wallpaper such as Timney Fowler Lace 19, with its pastel pink swirls against a cream background, or paint it pink then match it with off-white, panelled Wimbledon changing room-style walls.

Opposites attract

Be prepared to mix it up when it comes to your furniture by combining different eras and styles, such as pairing a contemporary cream sofa with a vintage-style chair upholstered in your favourite pink. Ramp up the action by piling your sofa with cushions in plain pinks, vintage rose and even black for added drama and effect.

We love: the clean, modern lines of the Flint 4-seater sofa in cream contrasted with the luxe period styling of the Bailey velvet armchair in dusky pink.

The Flint sofa and the Bailey armchair from DFS

The Flint sofa and the Bailey armchair from DFS

In the pink: 3 quick wins to super style your home

1. Create your own ‘gallery wall’ like this fab grouping we found by The Design Chaser on

From The Design Chaser at

A gallery wall of photos and art is a real focal point in any room

Just make a grid of four to six large black picture frames on a wall. Fill with double card mounts in pale pink and gold, and use to frame black and white photographs or sketches.

2. Paint a really large square canvas with a very pale grey, then overlay with a pale pink, leaving a 10cm border all the way round for a dramatic piece of homemade artwork.

3. Mirror fashion comes and goes but for summer 2016 the shape to go for is round. Three in a row above a pink upholstered sofa look striking… try this Wilson Set trio from Dwell.

Wilson set mirrors from Dwell

Can't decide which shade of pastel is perfect for you?

Check out our 'ice-cream dream' Pinterest board for the latest in pastel inspiration.

Or if you're looking for more inspiration why not check out our newest Style Sourcebook, online now, full of style advice, latest looks and decorating inspiration, including loads more candy-coloured sofas.

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