Decorating with jewel tones

Decorating with jewel tones

8th May 2017

Join the rich list with home décor straight out of the jewellery box.

Pastels and neutrals will always occupy a space in our decorating hearts – who doesn’t love that pared-back, clean, classic look – but sometimes we just want more. More colour, more vibrancy, more pop! Well, luckily for those of us with colour cravings, one of 2017’s key décor trends is jewel tones. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and amethysts have vacated the jewellery box and taken up residence in our homes… and we love it! Here’s how to make these rich shades work for you.

Emerald green

Green is MASSIVE in 2017, especially since Pantone declared Greenery their colour of the year (for this and more hot colour trends, check out our recent blog). But for those in the know (which includes you now!) the only shade of green in which to be seen this summer is emerald. Décor aficionados Apartment Therapy call it the ‘new navy’ because, like its dark blue counterpart, it’s a versatile shade, pairing wonderfully with neutrals such as black or white while being strong enough to stand up to other vibrant shades such as yellow and pink.

Top tip Keep the green theme going in your room by piling on the plants – both real and on wallpaper or artworks – botanicals are big news right now, so the more the merrier.

Green with envy

Zinc Velvet in Forest Green from our French Connection collection brings a touch of luxury to your scheme. Wonderfully tactile, with button-back detail and modern, angled arms, this is sophistication-meets-cool in one gorgeous package.


Ruby red

If you’re looking to add some drama to your room, you can’t go wrong with ruby red. The colour of passion – and best used sparingly – this attention-grabbing jewel shade is perfect for an accent chair or statement sofa. Bold and traditional in equal measure, ruby red works best against a neutral backdrop of pale walls and dark wooden floors and furniture, and is a sure-fire way to transform a room from so-so to stunning.

Top tip Group jewel-coloured glassware – everything from bottle green and topaz yellow to bright pink – then sit back (in your red chair) and watch the light dance around your room as the sun strikes the glass.

Red-dy to play

With such an iconic jewel tone, you need an iconic shape to complement it, and we think the Louvre accent chair in Red Combination is just the ticket. Arty and chic, as its name implies, this ruby-red beauty will take centre stage in both a classic and a contemporary room.


Sapphire blue

Always a popular colour for home décor, blue in all shades is rich and subtly soothing, but when you zing it up to sapphire level, it’s stellar, adding a luxe vibe to every scheme. For a new take on nautical, pair a stunning sapphire blue jewel-toned sofa with crisp whites and decadent golds, or for a more beachy vibe, match it with pale woods and neutral, tactile rugs for a blissed-out living space with added wow.

Top tip Strong jewel tones such as sapphire love patterns so add in some geometric prints on a feature wall or throw down a stylish checkerboard rug, such as the Pixel from Dwell.


Singing the blues

A recent addition to our Capsule Collection, which is specifically styled for smaller spaces, the Lull large sofa in Blue tops the sapphire stakes with its mix of retro and modern.


Amethyst purple

Long associated with royalty, purple reigns (see what we did there!) when it comes to striking home decorating schemes. Rich amethyst tones paired with luxurious creams and classic dark-wood furniture work together to create an air of opulence without tipping over into bling. Luxe the look up to the max with regal accents of silver and pewter via mirrors or statement vases.


Top tip For a touch of the playful with a Moroccan-ny vibe, pair amethyst with another jewel tone, turquoise. It’s eclectic, but it works.

The royal treatment

Made for relaxation, the sumptuous Gloss lounger sofa in Purple Combination is comfort personified with its chaise end and cosy pillow cushions. The contemporary design and elegant curves give it standout appeal that will look stunning in both a traditional or more modern setting.



6 easy ways to get the minimalist look

6 easy ways to get the minimalist look

20th April 2017

Minimalism in home décor doesn’t have to mean bland. For many of us, less really is more when it comes to home decorating – here’s how to rock the minimalist look in your home in 6 easy steps:

1 Cut the clutter

There’s no getting away from it – if you want to be minimalist, you’re going to have to pare back some of that clutter. Follow the queen of tidying Marie Kondo’s advice and junk anything that isn’t 100% necessary or that doesn’t make you happy. You’ll feel better for it, we promise, and you’ll have a great blank canvas to start with.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, Amazon, from £6.99

2 Sort out your storage

OK, so you didn’t clear as much stuff as you hoped in step 1 (we’ll let you into a secret, nor did we!). Solution? Storage! Look for clever ideas such as underbed boxes, window seats, shelves over doors… and of course, furniture. At DFS we have everything from beds to footstools with built-in space for loads of stuff, but we really love the Lydia chaise, not only because it’s a great hidey-hole but its clean lines tick all our modern minimalist boxes too.

Lifestyle_NonChristmas_MainOpen_V2_RT crop

3 Go back to basics, colourwise

Now you’re clean and clear, you can start to think about colours. A paler palette is minimalist nirvana – but that doesn’t mean simply white. Raid the spectrum between off-white to mid-grey for walls – add some texture if you can with wallpaper or painted brick. Embrace your inner Scandi and replace heavy curtains with voile panels to diffuse the light, as in this gorgeous shot from interiors stylist and blogger Amy Kim at


4 Get the lights right

As you might expect with this pared-back look, lighting is minimalist too, meaning goodbye shades and hello bare bulbs! Think industrial chic meets Turner Prize-winning works of art and you’re on the right lines, like this fabulous yet functional Giza pendant light from Dwell.

Dwell light

5 Make room for monochrome

For accessories, an essentially black-and-white palette taps into the minimalist mantra, as you can see from this beautiful room we found on home renovation site The quirky mix of patterns on the cushions adds interest to the scheme, and the striking wooden table gives the look an enviable natural element.


6 Really live the ‘less is more’ life

Minimalism takes a bit of work. To keep on top of things, there are a few ‘rules’ to maintaining optimum minimalism:

  1. Think before you buy – do you really need it?
  2. Appreciate what you already have – after all, you’ve only hung on to things that make you happy, haven’t you!?
  3. Always go for quality over quantity – it’ll be worth it in the long run
  4. Declutter regularly – especially on a season by season basis
  5. Adopt the ‘one in, one out’ method – you buy a book, you give one away – that way you never accumulate too much stuff

It’s this element of mindfulness – really considering every purchase and style decision you make – that turns minimalism into more than just a trend, making it a way of life… and a beautiful one at that.


Three DFS sofas for minimalist lovers

Now you know the rules of the minimalist life, here are three sofas that we know you’ll love…


1 The statement piece

A cool, calm and uncluttered background means you can really go to town on a standout sofa without offending your minimalist sensibilities… as long as it’s the only ‘wow’ piece in the room, that is.

We love: Zinc in blush velvet

zincvelvet_1g_luxevelvet_blush_view1 crop

2 The Scandi 2.0

Minimalism owes a lot to Scandi with its clean lines, neutral colours and pared-back, natural style, so tap into that Nordic cool with a sleek sofa in chic charcoal.

We love: Hardy in Charcoal


3 The ‘is it really there’ sofa

Only for the brave (or those without cats) a pale sofa is the epitome of minimalist style, especially when it’s a Scandi-inspired luxe leather centrepiece.

We love: Axel in Stardust


Help us raise money for the British Heart Foundation

Did you know that when you buy a new sofa from DFS, you can have your old one taken away and help raise money for the British Heart Foundation too? How’s that for applying minimalist principles! You can find out more about this brilliant partnership here.


How to make grey work in your living room

Grey Fabric Sofa

How to make grey work in your living room

17th April 2016

When it comes to home decorating, grey is anything but dull… say hello to the cool shade that’s hot right now!

It used to be that grey was thought of as a depressing colour, conjuring up images of boring offices and utilitarian, industrial environments – back in 2011, The Guardian even referred to the shade as the ‘drabbest colour on the planet’! But ask any interior designer today for their favourite decorating shade, and grey (in any one of its 50 incarnations!) figures highly on their lust lists. Here’s how to get your stylish heart racing without having to buy the latest EL James book!

Grey matters

Grey is definitely hot in the décor stakes right now. But before you rush in and paint your whole room in Farrow & Ball’s Mole’s Breath (or any of the other myriad shades of grey out there), it’s worth understanding how this new neutral will work in your home.

What natural light does your room get?

North-facing rooms get cool northern light, which is blue in hue, while south-facing spaces benefit from the warmer, golden tones of southern light. And as you might expect, west-facing rooms get warmer light as the sun starts to drop, while those pointing east get their maximum warm light at sunrise.

So which grey is great for your room?

  • North The cooler, bluer light hitting these rooms can flatten some shades of grey, making them look cold and unwelcoming. To counter this, choose a strong, dark shade with yellow or beige undertones (often known as greige) and use it sparingly, perhaps as an accent wall. Or you could go for striking dark furniture, natural woods and warm metals, offset with paler walls that reflect the available light.
  • East Because they get their best light in the morning, these rooms can be a little on the blue side later in the day, so pick a grey with undertones of green or blue to emphasise this (in a ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ sort of thing!). East-looking rooms benefit from layers of colour, so bring in a few complementary grey tones with your furniture and accessories to add depth and interest to all areas.
  • West Make the most of the warmer light in these spaces by choosing greys that are made up from tones of beige or yellow – these look fab during the day but really come into their own at night under soft interior lighting. Play up the warmth with a rich, dark sofa in a tactile, plush fabric, and accent this with cushions and throws in golds and warm yellows.
  • South If you’re lucky enough to face south, you’re laughing as you have your pick of the spectrum. Cooler, pale tones with blue undertones will reflect and maximise all that lovely light, while darker greys work wonderfully too, giving the impression of warmth and cosiness.

A grey area

Afraid of the dark? Don’t be! It’s a myth that dark shades make rooms seem smaller. According to the experts at Houzz, rich colours on your walls add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any size space and, far from making the room seem claustrophobic, create a cosy, intimate feeling.

There are two ways to style a room with dark grey walls, both equally impactful. You can either choose to offset the dark with light, adding pale grey or white furniture and accessories, as in this gorgeous room we found on Dutch style blog

Light Fabric Sofa With Dark Walls, Image credit from

Contrast dark walls with pale furniture

Or you can embrace your dark side completely, and layer on the luxe with grey on grey sofas, rugs and cushions nestling against a rich, deep background, perfected in this stylish look found on

Dark fabric sofa with dark painted walls, Image credit from

Layer dark on dark for max impact

Hurray for grey

Whatever shade you go for, there is a huge range of great grey sofas and chairs at DFS. Here are just a few of our favourites for 2016, and for more inspiration, check out our new Style Sourcebook, online now, designed to help you create a space you’ll love to live in.

Sharp as…

In darkest Charcoal with crisp, clean lines, Flint is the perfect sofa for modern living.

French Connection Flint four seater fabric sofa in charcoal

Pale perfection

Comfort and style meet beautifully in Merit – and its pale Silver shade will work with both light and dark grey schemes.

Merit 3 seater fabric sofa in silver

Snuggle in

With its deep seats and room to stretch out and relax, Eleanor in Graphite turns any corner in to your very own cosy space.

Eleanor Left Arm Facing Open End Corner Fabric Sofa in CharcoalFor more shades of may find our latest board rather 'Pinteresting'...


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