The DFS Culinary Heptathlon

The DFS Culinary Heptathlon

13th July 2016

Right, so you've got your sofa and your living room all sorted (if you haven't, you obviously didn't read our last blog post - Sofa Ready). Now it's time to focus on the catering. Making sure your guests are adequately refueled to keep their energy levels up is super important. With our simple, athletic-themed guide, you'll be guaranteed a gold medal, personal best reaction. 

  • Cheese and pineapple javelins: PLEASE DON'T ACTUALLY THROW THE STICKS. Just enjoy this heptathlon themed party classic. Any hard cheese will do; we go classic cheddar, nice and strong, but hey, it's your party!

Step up your cheese game with these Caprese Scewers from Iowa Girl Eats

Step up your cheese game with these Caprese Scewers from Iowa Girl Eats

  • 10cm dip 'n' chip freestyle: choose your dipping style - are you full loader, getting as much as you can on, dicing with the danger of dropping dip on the sofa? Or are you all about the chip, and it's only a tiny bit of dip to get you through? Or are you stickler for neatness - no crumbs left behind, no dip smeared up the sides? Whatever your style, you must obey the golden rule: NO DOUBLE DIPPING. And the silver rule: NO DIP ON THE SOFA


  • The last mini pizza dash: there's never enough to go around, and how brazen you are with your pizza consumption may depend on how well you know your guests. Close friends and family? Go all in. Winners take all. Second place (in this event) is nothing. Make sure your sofa position is as close as possible. Preparation is everything 
  • Cucumber and carrot baton relay: probably best to keep the baton passing restricted to passing the dip to your mouth. Much more sanitary that way
  • Mini sausage-put: again, how you tackle this event is up to you - you COULD throw mini sausages into each other's mouths. But that could end up wasting sausages. Or end up with sausages down the back of the sofa. Might be worth keeping it simple and classic and 'shot put' them in your own mouth 
  • Mini sausage forward rolls: instructions: move forward, pick up sausage roll, sit back on the sofa, relax, eat sausage roll. Repeat until all the sausage rolls are gone 


  • Hula hoop rings of win: take a trip down memory lane by adding as many Hula Hoops to your fingers as you can. Wave your crisp fingers in the air like you just don't care. You're a winner. Gold medal standard


Get that heptathlon of party food sorted, and everyone will be winner. Especially you. Bravo you!

Soundtrack Your Sporting Summer

OK, so we've got your living room sorted. We've got a smorgasboard of classic party food lined up for you to work your way through. 

What else do every good summer sports party need?

Music of course. 

For the Spotify users amongst you, check out our playlist here

Like a classic mixtape, we've split it into two parts. 

Side A gets you ready for Rio with some handpicked Brazilian classics. 

Side B takes you back four years to London 2012 and Danny Boyle's epic opening ceremony. 

It finishes off with a stone cold classic in Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. 


Get it cranked up and get yourself in the mood for Rio! 

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