Summer’s here – time for a little sun, sea and sand!

Summer’s here – time for a little sun, sea and sand!

2nd August 2016

Whether you’re turned on by turquoise, sold on sandy shades or tickled pink by coral colours, there’s a way to bring a little bit of beach magic into your home this summer.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home this summer, you can’t go wrong with a beach-inspired scheme as it’s just so versatile. You can choose to stick to nicely nautical, with a palette of sea blues and crisp whites (more on that look here), or you can roll out the colour carpet a bit more and embrace all the seaside shades, from tropical blue and ocean green right through to soft sand and delicate shell pink.

1 Beach days

Think about your favourite beach during the day – bright yellow sun (hopefully, if you’re thinking grey and overcast, you’re reading the wrong blog!), warm golden sand, and sparkling blue sea. Makes you feel good, doesn’t it? So how about bringing that sunny feeling into your home with a relaxed, neutral sofa in a light sandy shade, a beautiful blue rug and maybe a yellow, sunshine-y wall? Summer all year round!

The Posy 3-seater Pillow Back Sofa from DFS

The Tunis rug from Dwell

2 Sunset style

When the sun goes down, the beach takes on a whole new look, with oranges, reds and coppers taking centre stage. If you’re more of a night owl, then this look can be easily replicated with a textural sofa in a deep, rich shade, offset with bang-on-trend metallic accents such as a statement pendant light.

The Hardy 3-seater Sofa from DFS

Campana Medium Pendant Light in Copper from Dwell

Add copper lighting to set the scene

3 She sells sea shells

Shell pink, that delicate and beautiful pink shade you find inside conch shells, is way too much for a room all on its own, but boy does it work well with other beachy pastel shades. Work from a neutral base of cream or ivory walls, sheer curtains for an airy feel. Why not play around with metallic textures and accessories for a beautiful mermaid feel.

The Betsy Armchair from DFS

Krystal 3 Seater

4 Let’s talk turquoise (or teal)

Turquoise and teal are neighbours on the colour spectrum, both bluish-green in composition – turquoise being the bluer, lighter shade and teal showing a little more green. Both work well in a beach-inspired room, and both mix surprisingly well with other blues and greens, creating a serene palette for an ultra-relaxing space.

The Maya 4-seater Lounger from DFS

Turquoise Band Vase from Dwell

Accessorise with gold metallics and tonal statement pieces such as eye-catching vases and bowls

5 Coral calling

Coral is the colour-wheel opposite turquoise/teal and its winning combination of orange, red and pink sums up summer. Ranging in shade from salmon to rust, it’s warm and welcoming, perfect as both accent or statement. It’s best friends with tan and taupe but also gets along famously with blues and greens, making it really easy to work with in any room.

The Finlay 2-seater Sofa Bed from DFS

 Sea Shore Rug from DFS

For more summer style inspiration, check out our new Style Sourcebook ezine, online now.

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3 ways to bring the beach look to your home

18th May 2016

When the sun’s shining, there’s nowhere us Brits would rather be than at the seaside, with the sand crunching under our toes, the waves lapping gently at our feet and a 99 dripping down our arms! But unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a house right on the cliffs, making a break for the beach isn’t always the easiest of options, so we’re here to help you bring a little bit of coastal style to your home, no matter whether you’re in Dorset or Derby.

3 ways to be nautical… and nice

The cool coastal vibe for our homes is hot right now… it’s a look that’s easy to achieve and even easier to live with. Think laid-back, unfussy and relatively informal, sort of shabby chic but light on the shabby, and you’ll be sniffing the salty air in no time.

1 Choose your palette

To keep your coastal-living look fresh and modern, base your scheme around the traditional seaside shades of whites and blues, but also bring in greys, creams and neutrals such as beige and taupe. The beauty of these colours is that not only do they harmonise wonderfully (like a sea shanty sung by the Fisherman’s Friends), they’re also more reflective of the beach in all seasons, not just summer, which means you’re creating a room that will look stunning year round. Check out this beauty we found at, puppy on sofa optional!

Create the coastal look, from

Whites, blues, greys and neutrals – the perfect year-round beach décor look

2 Add a statement sofa (or two)

When it comes to choosing your coastal-style centerpiece sofa, bold shades such as navy or white lend themselves to a crisper, more elegant style room, while muted, washed-out shades, such as denim or grey, work best in a relaxed beach house-style living space.

  • Beachy-keen If the beach-house look is the one that floats your fishing boat, try Coast in Denim Combination from the über-cool French Connection range at DFS, or Rupert in Ash Combination, a fabulous corner chaise made for snuggling on after a hard day’s rock-pooling.

In soft denim blue, the Coast is the ultimate chillaxing sofa


Kick back and relax on the Rupert corner chaise

  • Relaxed elegance If full-on beachcomber isn’t for you, then a more traditionally styled sofa in a coastal-inspired fabric is the way to go. We particularly love the Gower Stripe in Charcoal – beachy-cream with a sharp grey-blue stripe – while the Chesterfield style of the Loch Leven in Blue combines luxury with sumptuous comfort.


Nicely stripy: the Gower is a fresh take on coastal décor


Blue is the colour with the rich tones of the Loch Leven


3 Accessorise, accessorise

A quick and easy way to inject a bit of the beach into your home is with accessories – but avoid the clichés of boats and anchors, you’re not Popeye! Instead go for striped or checked cushions in coastal colours, or this Splash rug from Dwell with its seaside colours of blues and greys.

splash rug dwell

Add a splash of colour with this rug from Dwell


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