How to sparkle with gorgeous Christmas lighting ideas

How to sparkle with gorgeous Christmas lighting ideas

30th November 2016

It’s nearly time to get your twinkle on, so here are some simple yet stunning ways to trip the lights fantastic this Christmas.

You may not feel up to challenging the Gay family of New York state who hold the Guinness World Record for decorating their home with over 600,000 lights (we don’t envy their electric bill!), but there’s no getting away from the fact that Christmas and lights go together like mince pies and brandy butter. So here are six quick and easy ways to add some festive twinkle to your home this Christmas…

1 Make a wall display

  • Gather your favourite Christmas cards
  • Print out some fun and festive polaroid pictures of your guests
  • String of fairy lights
  • Craft pegs
  • Wall pins

Who says Xmas cards are a thing of the past? Not us. Display yours in style with our fairy light wall! How abut adding a personal touch for your guests by printing our your favourite polaroids or pictures and adding them to the string of lights! Get creative with your patterns too – you can zig-zag like we did, or even make a Christmas tree shape and peg the cards where the baubles would sit.

Wall of lights

2 Mirror magic

Mirror, mirror on the wall…how do you make the room look so big? By draping fairy lights over myself of course! Why have just one string of Christmas lights when you can cheat it with reflections and make it look like you have tons of sparkle going on? This is a great way to brighten up a gloomy corner or add interest to a bare wall – and if you sit mirrors opposite each other, you’ll have twinkly Christmas decorations to infinity and back.

Mirror with lights

3 Get twiggy with it

Tangled fairy lights? Don't waste your time untangling - add some rustic logs or twigs in a slatted box for a fire-y effect! This magical, rustic design is the perfect festive centre-piece to any room. All you need is a wooden crate, some twigs or small logs and a string of Christmas lights. Add it next to the fire for a fire-y focal point!

Twigs and lights fake fire

4 Stairway to holiday heaven

Wrap a prelit fake-fir garland around the banister and rods of your staircase for sparkle where you might not expect it. Add extra Christmas oomph with some hanging decorations such as these lovely Scandi-inspired hearts, and turn your stairs from functional to fabulous.

Stair garland

5 Wow wreath

Great for indoors or out, this oh-so-pretty (and simple to make) sparkle wreath we found at is a modern take on the traditional holly and ivy affair. Simply loop wire lights into a circle and secure with some garden twine for the perfect Christmas decoration.

Sparkle wreath

6 Shining star

Create your own Christmas star by whitewashing some thin branches and tying them together in a star shape. Then simply wrap some Christmas lights around the points for a super-quick Scandi-inspired statement piece.


We'll be sharing our favourite Xmas flavours over the next few weeks, but we also want to see some of your festive touches. It could be:

  • Your favourite candles 
  • Your snuggly blankets 
  • Your Xmas tips 'n' tricks 
  • Your DIY Christmas decorations

However you're getting festive at home, we want to hear from you. To get involved, share your image using #FlavoursofXmas on Instagram or Twitter. Our favourite festive image will win a HUGE £1,000 to spend at dfs. Now that would be a nice Christmas present! You need to upload your images by 22nd December to be entered into the draw. Full T&Cs can be found HERE.

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DIY: Homemade Snow Globe

DIY: Homemade Snow Globe

14th November 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and one of our favourite things to do in the run up to the big day is some DIY festive crafting! We wanted to share with you one of our cutest Christmas hacks from our latest shoots... the snow globe!

We all love the festive sparkle a snow globe brings! We couldn't believe how easy these beautiful keepsakes were to make until we had a go here at HQ! It really is simple - follow our 5 step instructions to create your very own snow globe.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Mason jar - or any jar with a lid (even a jam jar... just make sure you wash it first)
  • Plastic animal, trees, snowman... in fact anything you want to put inside your snow globe
  • Waterproof glue
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin
  • Ribbon and string of bells to finish the jar (optional)

snow globe



  1. Using waterproof glue, glue your snowman (or chosen accessory) to the inside of the Mason jar lid. Leave to dry completely. Depending on the glue this could take up to 24 hours - please check! TIP: try glue-ing your accessory to a small block or platform if there is small details you may not be able to see them when the lid is secured!
  2. Fill your Mason jar with water, glitter of your choice and a few drops of glycerin. TIP: the glycerin will help to create a slow swirling effect when the snow globe is shaken.
  3. Assemble your snow globe by placing the lid on the jar and then screwing the cap on. TIP: always make sure the lid is secure before turning the snow globe upside down! Glue-ing the lid on is always an option to avoid any possible leaks!
  4. Add a string of bells to the lid of the jar to create a festive sound when the jar is shaken! TIP: add a ribbon and bow and give your homemade snow globe to a friend or relative as a gift.
  5. Turn your Mason jar over... shake and enjoy!

Our favourite uses for the snow globe:

  • Give them to friends and family as a homemade gift - you could even add your snow globe to a hamper filled with their favourite treats!
  • Add to the mantlepiece for a super cute festive decoration
  • Make mini snow globes and place one in each guests table place setting on Christmas day - personalise to each guests favourite colour or character
  • Personalise your snow globe with names and initials for an extra special surprise

LivingSpace_Snowglobe_Cameo_RT crop

For more Christmas inspiration check out our #FlavoursofXmas Pinterest board.

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