Room Recipes: Shopping List

19th January 2017

Now you've discovered our Room Recipe trends and chosen the one for you! Shop the look from your chosen trend with our helpful shopping lists...

Room Recipe: Modern Scandi

scandi acc

Emote Sofa: DFS

Zinc Sofa: French Connection at DFS

Mica table: French Connection at DFS

Scandi table *similar: DFS

Cushions: DFS

Clock: Dwell

Vase: Dwell

Vase: Next

Cup : Habitat

Bowl: Habitat

Wall art: Habitat

Mr Fox Cushion: John Lewis

Throw: M&S

Curtains: Ikea

DFS social_Modern_scandi_Save_main_RT resize crop


Recipe: Terracotta

terr acc

Laze sofa: DFS

Dynasty sofa: DFS

Play footstool: DFS

Rug: Dwell 

Floor Lamp: Dwell

Mirror: Dwell

Cushions: DFS

Side tables: DFS

Coffee table: French Connection at DFS

Glass Vase: Dwell

Shelf: DFS

Curtains: H&M

Throw: H&M

Terracotta vase: Ikea Tableware

Terracotta pot: H&M

DFS social_Terracotta_Splurge_RT crop


Room Recipe: Botanicals

bot acc

Slouch sofa: DFS

Chalk sofa: French Connection at DFS

Calm wing chair: DFS

Opus table: French Connection at DFS

White table: Dwell

Cushions: DFS

Cushions: Dwell

Throw: Ikea

Patterned cushion: H&M

Terrarium: M&S

Curtains: Ikea

Woven basket: Zara

DFS social_Botanicals_splurge_main_RT crop


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