Why everyone needs a sofa bed at Christmas!

8th November 2016

Need a little extra sleeping space for your guests this Christmas? A multifunctional sofa bed – in a multifunctional room – could be just what Santa ordered.

Not everyone has the luxury of a spare bedroom ready and waiting for overnight guests. And this is especially true at Christmastime, when family and friends descend en masse, all of them (not unreasonably, some might say) expecting somewhere comfy to sleep.

Enter the sofa bed… the queen of multifunctional furniture. Way more comfortable than a blow-up mattress, and space-saving to boot (well it does combine two of the biggest bits of furniture in most homes into one handy package), it’s the idea solution for Christmas and beyond.

Multifunctional furniture for multifunctional spaces

By its very nature, the sofa bed combines two functions into one (sitting and sleeping, in case you were wondering what else we might be talking about!). But why stop there? Why not double-duty your sofa bed AND the room you put it in, for maximum versatility and practicality?

From living room to guest room

If you’re going to be using the sofa bed as an actual sofa when you don’t have guests for Christmas, then the lounge is the obvious place to house it. And for even more bang for your space-saving buck, look for a sofa bed that comes with hidden storage too… like the Lydia Chaise End 3-Seater Sofa Bed from our gorgeous House Beautiful range.

Lydia chaise open shot for living room section

That chaise isn’t just great for stretching out on to watch It’s A Wonderful Life on Christmas Day… it’s also the perfect place to stash the duvet and pillows, clearing clutter and giving you more space to entertain your guests. 

WIN the Lydia! As a special Christmas treat, we’ve got one of these fab sofa beds up for grabs – scroll down for more details on your chance to win a Lydia sofa bed!

Make your office work harder

Many of us use the spare bedroom as a home office, but it’s really annoying to have to edge round a full-size bed to get to your desk. A sleek sofa bed like the Sonique would look stunning in any office, giving you somewhere for colleagues, the family or even the pet dog to sit when you’re working, and quickly converting into a super-comfy double for family and friends during the festive period.

Added bonus: your desk can also be used as a dressing table when the sofa’s in bed mode. So that’s double, double-dutying, then!


Sleepovers sorted!

Kids love having friends sleep over during the Christmas holidays… so it makes sense to have somewhere comfortable in their bedroom for them to crash on (we would say sleep on, but any parent can tell you that sleeping isn’t usually on the agenda!). If you don’t have the floor space to fit in a sofa bed, you could always go for a day bed like the Madeline, with a trundle bed that slots tidily underneath. Just warn Santa not to tread on any sleeping children when he drops off the pressies!


Kitchen comfy

They say the kitchen’s the heart of the home, so if you’re lucky enough to have one big enough to fit a comfy sofa in, why not make that a sofa bed instead, so your kitchen becomes a truly multifunctional space? It’s a nice place for your guests to sit with a drink while you’re making Christmas dinner, and when you’re guest-free, you can relax there with a coffee and a good book. A compact design, like the Oracle, with its sleek cream leather design, would work in both a classic and a contemporary kitchen space.




So now you know that you can fit a sofa bed anywhere in your home, we’re giving you the chance to win the House Beautiful Lydia sofa bed and your choice of Dulux Amazing Space paint to create your own magical space this Christmas.

Lydia Xmas shot for Win panel

One lucky entrant will win the ‘look’ from our Christmas Magical Spaces shoot (above) – that’s a Lydia Right Hand Facing Chaise End 3-Seater Sofa along with 7.5 litres of Dulux Amazing Space paint in your colour of choice. All you’ll need to add is the Christmas tree! You can enter here… good luck!

For more winter style inspiration, including a round up of some of our favourite sofa beds, check out our new Style Sourcebook, online now.

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