13 horrifically good Halloween hacks

24th October 2016

Halloween tips and tricks to make your party the talk of the ghost town

With Halloween lurking around the corner, here are some ghoulishly good all-hallows hacks guaranteed to make your party guests scream… with delight!

So you’re planning a Halloween party? Or maybe a spooky night in with the family.. and you are looking for ways to make yours the talk of the ghost town! We’ve trawled the world wide (spider’s) web to find stunning – and frankly scary – ways to help you get your freak on. Stand by for spooktacular ideas for food, drinks, decorations and more…

Grim garden ideas

Three Halloween hacks to scare the pants off trick or treaters.

Glowing eyes

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Hide these easy-to-make demon eyes (glow sticks and loo roll centres!) in the bushes to really creep the little critters out. Instructions here.

We’ve got our Halloween eyes on you!

We’ve got our Halloween eyes on you!

Driller thriller pumpkins

Not good with a knife? Then drill your pumpkins into shape this Halloween. Here’s how.

Drill pumpkins

Witchy welcome mat

Amazing what you can do with a pair of stripy tights!  Find out how to flatten your own witch here.

We're not in Kansas anymore!

We're not in Kansas anymore!

Super-scary Halloween party styling tips

Three little touches that pack a petrifying punch.

Sssss…slithery place mats

This Halloween table decoration is a proper nest of vipers (and really ssss…simple to make too). Full instructions here.

Snake table runner

Spooky forest table

Don’t want to decorate your whole house for Halloween? Then pile all the petrifying onto one wicked table for max effect. We love this magical monochrome manifestation.

This ain’t no teddy bears’ picnic.

This ain’t no teddy bears’ picnic.

Vampire teeth napkin rings

Your guests can always Count (Dracula) on you to set a shockingly stylish table, so sink your fangs into this idea…

Vampire teeth napkin rings

Creepy cocktails

Three terrifying tipples to tempt your guests this Halloween.

Green ‘Batini’

Wicked (well it is green!) mint-laden homemade lemonade infused with vodka. Elphaba face-paint optional! Recipe here.

Green battini

Black Widow

Black vodka. Red cranberry juice. And a maraschino cherry, of course! Recipe here.

A cocktail as black as a witch’s heart

A cocktail as black as a witch’s heart

Kids’ Boo-Nilla Shake

The scary ghost faces are actually melted chocolate! Yummy stuff from Martha Stewart. Recipe here.

Ghost shakes

Freakily frightening food

Four so-bad-they’re-good Halloween party food favourites.

Tombstone taco dip

Less Halloween and more Mexican Diá de Muertos, this is your salsa, guacamole and more in one grim graveyard. Recipe here.

Dig in with this devilish dip

Dig in with this devilish dip

Roasted pumpkin soup

Keep the vampires away by serving your guests pumpkin soup laden with garlic. Downside? Edward Cullen won’t be on your guest list (but we’re Team Jacob anyway). Recipe here.

Pumpkintastic, garlicky gorgeousness

Pumpkintastic, garlicky gorgeousness

Mini mummy sausage rolls

Wrap hotdogs in strips of puff pastry for a spooky twist on sausage rolls. The oozing ketchup ‘blood’ adds a gory touch that kids will love. Recipe here.

Hotdog mummy


Poison toffee apples

Watch out, Snow White. No Prince Charming can save you once you’ve bitten into one of these black-as-night toffee apples. Recipe here.

Black magic – Halloween toffee apples with attitude

Black magic – Halloween toffee apples with attitude

Happy Halloween from everyone at DFS!

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