DFS launches first #sofasinspace range

31st March 2016
We at DFS are excited to announce the latest line in our long line product innovations - The Discovery range. The Discovery range is our first line of sofas designed specifically to be used in zero gravity environments. 
The idea for the Discovery range came from Britain’s first ESA astronaut, Tim Peake. We’ve been keeping a close eye on all of his activity, and have marvelled at how connected Tim is to what is going on in the world, even though he is technically out of this world. 
As we were working alongside Team GB (more to come on this), we thought - Tim is going to have the opportunity to cheer the team on from the ISS. It would be a massive shame if he couldn’t do that from the comfort of a sofa.
And so the idea for the first ever zero gravity sofa in space was born! 
There were two big challenges for us when designing the Discovery range:
  1. How will the sofa stay fixed in front of the TV screen?
  2. How will anyone be able to sit on it?
Our designers and upholsterers experimented with a range of ideas, including screwing the sofa down (what happens if they need to rearrange the furniture?) and 'space velcro'.
The big breakthrough came when we started experimenting with artificial gravity. By adding a series of powerful magnets to the feet of the sofa, we had success. The addition of seatbelts solved the problem of keeping people on their seat. 
And the Discovery was born. 
We even discovered one benefit we hadn’t thought of - the zero gravity means the days of losing remotes / mobiles / small change down the back of the sofa are gone. Your valuables just float right out! 
The Discovery will be available to trial in selected stores very soon.
We are working closely with the ESA to get a Discovery delivered to Tim and his fellow ISS residents in time for the opening ceremony in Rio.
Tim, you are an inspiration to us all - we hope you enjoy your new sofa!......

Not really! Happy #AprilFools Day. Don't worry though...our prices are still out of this world!

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