There are Easter Egg Hunts, and then there's the DFS Easter Egg Hunt

23rd March 2016
As it's Easter this weekend, we wanted to do something special for our followers on social media. Something a little bit different. 
On Thursday 24th March, we'll be launching the very first DFS Easter Egg Hunt. But this isn't just any Easter Egg Hunt. Oh no ......This is a VIRTUAL Easter Egg Hunt. 
On our website, we've hidden a very special page somewhere.The page, when you find it, will allow you to enter a competition to win £1,000 to spend at DFS. 
All you have to do to find it is to follow the clues we'll be posting on social media over the Easter weekend. Simple! 
There will be four clues, one each day, starting on Thursday. We will post all four clues together on Monday. The Easter Egg Hunt closes at midnight on Tuesday. 
Full T&Cs are on the competition page (should you find it!).
You can track the competition on social, or join the conversation, by using #DFSEaster. Reminder of the clues below as we go...
That's it! Happy hunting everyone! 

Clue 1


I'm soft to the touch, and I'm the basis for a lot of sofas. I'm clue one of #DFSEaster. What type am I?


 Clue 2


 I'm a type of cake, or a big house in Sydney. I'm clue two of #DFSEaster


Clue 3


 Two's company, three's a crowd. I can fit that crowd. I’m clue three of #DFSEaster. What sofa am I?



Clue 4

DFS-Easter-Twitter-a5 (2)Clue four: The correct product on our website, give the egg a click to see what happens #DFSEaster 


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